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My loyalty is my life.

Terry Boot
31 October
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Heaven and hell are composed in equal parts of other people.

Full Name: Terry Faolan Boot

Birthdate: October 31, 1980

House: Ravenclaw

Year Level: Now alumni

Physical Description: Dark haired and blue eyed, Terry is 5'11" and fairly slim. Tends to wear Muggle clothes in preference to robes.

Personality: Terry Boot is an obnoxious Irishman, but wonders if there is any other kind. He's a Ravenclaw. He is, generally, a hard drinking, smoking, clubbing pain in the arse with a mouth that gets him into quite a lot of trouble.

Bloodline: Muggleborn.

Background / Family History: He is the sixth of seven children (five boys and two girls) and was born and raised in Belfast, Northern Ireland. As his family's Catholic - also Muggle - and his father is a local politician, bombings are no surprise. The family vacations in Sligo each year to feel better about being Catholic, as it's in the Republic. He's been a junkie whore in the past, and has murdered (to date) four people, two in self-defence, and two in anger. He's fucked up.

Interests / Hobbies: Flirting, sex, creating chaos, heroin, Luna Lovegood. Um, yeah, both interests and hobbies there. Is very academically inclined, and very intellectually gifted, but tends to hide that under a "don't give a fuck" attitude. Is not religious at all any more.

Strengths and weaknesses:
Strengths: The ability to listen and to give comfort to anyone. Total disregard for what "everyone knows" about people - would probably be friendly to Voldemort until given a reason to be otherwise. Genius-level IQ. Will focus on others' happiness to the detriment of his own. Particularly gifted at Transfigurations and Ancient Runes. Can shape stone with his bare hands. Protective and loyal within his own definition.

Weaknesses: Recurring heroin addiction. Self-loathing that drives him to whore. Will focus on others' happiness to the detriment of his own. Extremely dependent on sex for comfort. Extremely dependent on touch. Easily riled by threats of harm to others. Will harm self to prevent harm to others he cares about. Extreme fear of jail/being caged in any sense - leads to consequent fear of atonement for his crimes.

Disclaimer: This is a character for the Kelly Street RPG. I do not own or profit from him, although I wish I did. JK Rowling owns all the rights. The photos are of Edward Furlong.