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Terry Boot
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I feel strange.

So'm a killer again, always an f'rever. So fucking what? Knew that'd happen, no one'll let me up fr'm that place f'r long.

At least this one deserved t'die.

Y'make a death with a friend t'avenge the wrong done t'wee Caoi, didn't y'? I probably couldn't've taken her on, head t'head with magic, but...t'do that was cruel t'yerself.

Have t'admit, ended my interest in heroin pretty fucking fast.

Still...'s somehow not right.

"An shepards we shall be, f'r thee, my lord, f'r thee."

Back t'sleep. See if it makes sense later.

Current Mood: awakeawake
Current Music: "The City Sleeps," MC 900 Foot Jesus

She's taken Luna again.

'll be back with her fucking head, an there'll be one less Death Eater t'worry about. Kill her filthy.

An then 've decided 's time t'give my gear t'Luna. Time t'give myself t'her.

Current Mood: enragedenraged
Current Music: "Talk Show Host", Radiohead

Being hunted's the most fun've had in ages. Maybe since 've gotten back.

Fuck, that was fun.

Took away the edge, there.

Should just give her the stuff, 'm going t'anyway, 've no need've it.

Or rather, 've no interest in having the need f'r it. Cause once y've the need, 's with y'f'r life. 's just whether y'choose t'give in.

An fuck me, I sound like a self-help manual.

But...if there's one thing've learned, 's that 's true. Y'make y'r choice an y'go from there, with no one else able t'tell y'what t'do. An y'learn by experience, by finding out that someone y've known's not coming back.

An after a while y'start t'believe that y'r next flight'll be y'r last.

Which's a damn worrying way've living, so high y're not touching the ground an so desperate y've no way've stopping, even just t'gather y'r nerves.

So...objectively, 'm well shut've the stuff. And I should just remove the temptation an give it t'her.


'm up f'r a drink. Anyone else?

Current Mood: determineddetermined

Sorry f'r ducking out've the cleanup, love. Y'll have t'teach me the spells - as y'might imagine, 've not learned them well.

Party certainly brought people t'gether who didn't know each other t'start, 'r didn't remember, any road. Seems t've gone well.

Anyone check t'see if Harry an Draco're still in that closet in the living room?

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Current Mood: cynicalcynical
Current Music: "Diamond Dogs," Beck

've turned in an application t'the Ministry. Not sure who'll hear back from, but hopefully 'll be soon.

An now, 'm going t'enjoy myself. 's the party. 'm pretty sure I told everyone who was moving in about it. But if not, oh well. They'll soon learn. 've got some ideas as t'what t'do as well, but first 'm off t'ply someone with alcohol an see what happens.

'm not entirely sure all the time that 'm light. Certainly the smile on my face isn't sure either.

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Private to LunaCollapse )

Current Mood: discontentdiscontent
Current Music: "This Is The New Shit", Marilyn Manson

Shite. Suppose 's time t'start figuring out what happens next.

Somehow, the end've the year took me by surprise. But we're moving t'day, at least I think we are. I am. 'm not going home t'be in the bosom've my family again.

So 'll be away packing if y'need me.

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Current Mood: cynicalcynical
Current Music: "Mr. Writer", Stereophonics

So 've found what 'm looking f'r in the way've a house an all. 's big. Should be loads've room f'r people.

So f'r, 've heard from Hermione, Hannah, Zach, Anthony, 'n Luna.

Anyone else, 's's y'r last chance t'get in on this. 's one more room.

Let me know. The rest've y', we should take a look an all at it in the next day 'r so. Express goes Monday, so we're out by then.

Cheers t'y'all.

Current Mood: happyhappy

Out've curiousity, who've the students is looking f'r a place t'stay after next week when the Express goes?

Might be thinking've working on that. If y'could tolerate a house 'm in. At least f'r a while.

Let me know.

Current Mood: optimisticoptimistic
Current Music: "Dominion (Mother Russia)", Sisters of Mercy

Can't believe the things've happened this week, honestly I can't. Between Luna in the coma an the NEWTs, 'm not sure'f 'm coming 'r going. But at least I think I did all right with the NEWTs. Certainly took enough've the fuckers.

Hope that I can do's well with Luna. Want my girl t'wake up. Want her t'come back t'me. If she still wants t', of course.

Should get started on looking f'r a flat now, I suppose. Things've been hectic an all since she got hurt. An I still feel bad that was cause 'd fucked off an not done what'd said 'd do about looking f'r a flat. Least I c'n get a room at the Broomsticks'r something until I can get something more permanent.

Hope she'll be there t'share with me. An we've still some've our shite t'sort out. After the war. But after all that's done, I want a fucking vacation fr'm this mess an all. Can't think've anything more interesting right now than just nothing.

Can't wait f'r NEWTs results. Suppose the only people at the school looking f'rward t'em more'n me an the rest've my house - specially Anthony - 's got't'be Hermione. Should find out how she did when she knows.

Maybe'll go visit the Thestrals'r something. An I need t'find Astralis. They've all g't t'be missing their girl.

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Private t'AnthonyCollapse )

Private t'FirenzeCollapse )

Fuck. I need a drink.

Current Mood: melancholymelancholy
Current Music: "Hurt", Johnny Cash

's been a while since've seen the sun, I swear. Between NEWTs, 'f which 've far too many, an Luna in the Hospital Wing, 've not been doing much've anything.

Fuck, I wish she'd wake up. 's worrying me t'see her all still on the bed an not responding. No one knows, far's I do, what happened.

Fuck. Fuck, 'm scared've this.

An guilty. 's my fault f'r not getting the listings earlier, an 's my fault I was weak an needed t'turn t'someone f'r comfort.

Can't imagine that's going t'go over well.

I want this burden off me. Every time I think 'm clear, something falls on me. Getting tired've being the pack mule.

Anyway. Anyone needs me, Owl. 'll come. But at least till NEWTs're done, 'm not leaving the castle.

Current Mood: scaredscared
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